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Eco Design is an approach to design of a product with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole life cycle. In a life cycle assessment, the life cycle of a product is usually divided into procurement, manufacture, use and disposal.



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Another Dead Scientist To Add To List! What Did He Know That ‘They’ Don’t Want Us To Know?


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New melt record for Greenland ice sheet.....

Shrinking snow and ice cover intensify global warming.....

  The Problem With Traffic

One is not born a motorist, one becomes one. Report

Promoting Environmental Solutions in New York City

Balanced Transportation Analyzer

A masterpiece” — Tri-State Transportation Campaign

Absolutely astonishing” — Reuters economics blogger Felix Salmon

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If public transit were free, more people would use it. Fewer auto-miles would be driven and carbon dioxide emissions would drop.

Everyone would benefit.

Eco Tourism
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Chinese Graphic Design History since 1979   Design Education in Today’s China   Chinese Design History   Concept Design in China
Adverse Health Effects of Plastics ecology center factsheet Latest Eco news story Every year, more than 540 billion pounds of plastic are produced worldwide. Much of it ends up in the world’s oceans, a fact that troubles MIT biology professor Anthony Sinskey. more info Addicted to Plastic "Addicted to Plastic" is a journey of discovery of what happens to the various plastics we use and what we can do about them. The documentary is riveting, disturbing, and even sometimes comforting. Everyone should see this important film." Reah Janise Kauffman, Vice President, Earth Policy Institute. see video
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Why Use Jute?

jute fashion design

Jute- one of the oldest industries in India, has traditionally been used for packaging. However its versatility is only coming to light now as the world looks on for natural options to save the environment.....more info

Eco Fashion Design

Sustainable fashion USA

Meiling Chen Eco fashion designer

Meiling Chen

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Sustainable Fashion Canada

sustainable fashion Canada Organic fibres spun into baby-soft fabrics, vintage pieces repurposed into modern style confections—sustainable fashion has come a long way......

Canada’s top sustainable fashion designers

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Industrial Design Platform

Juampi Sammartino argentina design industrial design

Argentine Designer

juampi sammartino

new design work

Communitree eco design

Helping community members to recycle their own goods and services

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Eco Art Design ecological art (eco-art)

Ecological art, or eco-art to use the abbreviated term, addresses both the heart and the mind.....more info

Afrika Eco Art Afrika eco art hand made paper

Hand made paper making

Paper-making is a relatively new craft in Southern Africa. It developed as a cottage industry to help impoverished villagers, mainly women with young families to get by and feed their loved ones.

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OSISU Design

"Trash gets new lease on life"

eco design turkey

Contemporary vernacular design handcrafted from reclaimed teak off-cuts.

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Communicative Design communicative design

Anna Berkenbusch, one of the most prominent communication designers in Germany, sees her subject as a "service discipline", enabling people to find their way through a maze of information made up of visual and textual media.

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  Design / Architecture Design for the environment etc.

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