Ecological Art (“Eco Art”)

ecological art (eco-art)Ecological Art, or Eco-Art to use the abbreviated term, addresses both the heart and the mind. Ecological art work can help engender an intuitive appreciation of the environment, address core values, advocate political action, and broaden intellectual understanding.

Ecological Art is much more than a traditional painting, photograph, or sculpture of the natural landscape. While such works may be visually pleasing, they are generally based on awe inspiring or picturesque, preconceived views of the natural world. Ecological Art, in contrast, is grounded in an ethos that focuses on communities and inter-relationships. These relationships include not only physical and biological pathways but also the cultural, political and historical aspects of communities or ecological systems.

The focus of a work of art can range from elucidating the complex structure of an ecosystem, examining a particular issue, i.e. a type of relationship, interacting with a given locale, or engaging in a restorative or remediative function. Eco-art may explore, re-envision, or attempt to heal aspects of the natural environment that have gone unnoticed or reflect human neglect. The work may challenge the viewer’s preconceptions and/or encourage them to change their behavior. Metaphor is often a key element of ecological art. Metaphors help both to make apparent existing patterns of relationship and to envision new types of interaction.

Ecological Art exists in a social context. While the work may express an individual vision, the work is created to communicate, to stimulate dialogue, and to contribute to social transformation.  members of the eco-art dialogue

“Eco-art” A Profusion of Terms by Sam Bower – executive director of


Eco Art Afrika: Hand made paper design

eco-design eco-art afrika hand made paper design Paper-making is a relatively new craft in Southern Africa. It developed as a cottage industry to help impoverished villagers, mainly women with young families to get by and feed their loved ones. The raw materials were readily available in the form of wild plants and shrubs that grow free and plentifully around their villages and communities.….more info


Afrika Eco Art: Marie-Denise Douyon

Eco-Art Marie-Denise DouyonMarie-Denise Douyon creates a series of works using recycled materials: old bike chains, metal pieces and computer parts. The artist tackles current issues such as the exodus of environmental refugees, the export of dangerous waste and the effects of green house gases, to question our conscience…more info


Simply Eco Art(SEA) by Sharon Davey

Eco Art making a Difference, bringing Respect and Awareness of the Environment through Art.


Miami Eco Art

Meet Eco Friendly Artists, who are spreading a positive message during the Art Basel Miami Beach week.


…..and finally

Fallen Art

On an old, forgotten military base in the Pacific, soldiers who have lost their minds due to the hardships of war have been gathered to complete one final mission.

There, far away from civilization, Sergeant Al cultivates his love for the brave soldiers, Dr. Friedrich cultivates his talent for photography, and the mentally lost General A creates his art.

But, General A does not use paper nor canvas, he attempts something completely different.


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