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Namba Parks is an office and shopping complex located in the Namba district, Osaka, Japan. It consists of a high office building called Parks Tower and a 120-tenant shopping mall with rooftop garden. Namba Parks was developed by Jon Jerde of The Jerde Partnership in the footprint of the since closed Osaka Stadium.

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Hydrogel (Mebiol Gel)

Watering is absolutely needed for plant growth, but over 95% of the supplied water such as tap water, rain water, etc. escapes before uptake by the plant. What a waste! We are facing an urgent water crisis by global warming. Our proprietary water retaining agent, Sky Gel instantly absorbs supplied water and retains until the plant takes up the water in Sky Gel. Sky Gel enables roof and slope planting without irrigation.
The requirement of safety, security and nutritiousness for crops is intensifying more and more all over the world. We developed a new crop production system (Imec) which grows by separating a plant from culture medium or soil with the membrane composed of hydrogel. It has been found that Imec not only provides safe and delicious vegetables but also minimaizes energy and water consumption.

The regenerative medicine that the diseased tissue or organ of a patient is regenerated using his own cells, has lately attracted great attention. We are looking at the development of a new tissue/organ regeneration technology using our proprietary hydrogel (Mebiol Gel) having sol (at low temp.) – gel (at high temp.) transition which enables withdrawal of the tissue/organ regenerated in Mebiol Gel from the gel just by lowering temp. below the soil – gel temp.

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Wearable Robotic Suit Could Help Disabled to Walk

apanese eco design robotic suit

A Japanese company has created a robotic exoskeleton that is designed to help make disabled people mobile again, enabling them to stand up, walk and even climb stairs. ….more info


Kokusai Kogyo Introduces White Roofed Buses to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

white roofed bus japanese eco design

Kokusai Kogyo Co., a Japanese bus transportation company, announced on September 6, 2010, that it had changed the roof color of its bus fleet from lime green to white and has started introducing new buses with white roofs in fiscal 2010. By reflecting direct sunlight, a white roof can curb temperature rises inside the bus and improve air conditioning efficiency in summer, having the end result of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

In August 2010, a field test was conducted to measure the temperature in both types of buses. In an ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature in a conventional bus rose to 49 degrees, while the temperature in a white-roof bus rose to only 47, showing a cooling effect of two degrees.

The test also measured the time taken to lower the interior temperature to 35 degrees Celsius (five degrees below the outside temperature) after turning on the air conditioner. It took 30 minutes for a conventional bus to reach this level, while the white roofed bus required only 18 minutes, a 12-minute reduction. This means that the white roofed bus will require less engine idling time to cool interior air before starting service. If this reduction is applied to all of the company’s 895 buses, their CO2 emissions in the three summer months are estimated to drop by about 40 tons.

Kokusai Kogyo plans to increase gradually its number of white roofed buses. The company, which received Green Management Certification as an eco-conscious transport business in 2005, will continue to implement environmental initiatives, including introducing fuel-efficient vehicles and promoting eco-driving techniques.

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