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The water flowing through Venice's famous canals laps at buildings a little higher every year Venice Hasn’t Stopped Sinking After All

The water flowing through Venice’s famous canals laps at buildings a little higher every year – and not only because of a rising sea level. Although previous studies had found that Venice has stabilized, new measurements indicate that the historic city continues to slowly sink, and even to tilt slightly to the east.

Increase in Arctic shipping poses risk to marine mammalsIncrease in Arctic Fishing Poses Threat to Marine Mammals

A rapid increase in shipping in the formerly ice-choked waterways of the Arctic poses a significant increase in risk to the region’s marine mammals and the local communities that rely on them for food security and cultural identity, according to an Alaska Native groups and the Wildlife Conservation Society who convened at a recent workshop.

Seaweed the Future of BiofuelIs Seaweed the Future of Biofuel?

As scientists continue the hunt for energy sources that are safer, cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel, an ever-increasing amount of valuable farmland is being used to produce bioethanol, a source of transportation fuel.

China power plant China's pollutionChina’s E-Car Pollution More Harmful than Gasoline Cars

Electric cars have been heralded as environmentally friendly, but findings from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, researchers show that electric cars in China have an overall impact on pollution that could be more harmful to health than gasoline vehicles.
hydraulic fracturing Concerns With Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas Production

The use of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas development took center stage Friday as a panel of U.S. and Canadian experts discussed the contentious practice in a three-hour symposium hosted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Do fish make soundsDo Fish Make Sounds?

University of Massachusetts Amherst fish biologists have published one of the first studies of deep-sea fish sounds in more than 50 years, collected from the sea floor about 2,237 feet (682 meters) below the North Atlantic. With recording technology now more affordable, Rodney Rountree, Francis Juanes and colleagues are exploring the idea that many fish make sounds to communicate with each other, especially those that live in the perpetual dark of the deep ocean.
World’s First Super Predator had Remarkable Vision
South Australian Museum and University of Adelaide scientists working on fossils from Kangaroo Island, South Australia, have found eyes belonging to a giant 500 million-year-old marine predator that sat at the top of the earth’s first food chain.

EcolabelHow Green is Your Eco-Label?

A new report released today by the University of Victoria ranks eco-labels intended to distinguish seafood produced with less damage to the environment. It is the first study to evaluate how eco-labels for farmed marine fish compare to unlabeled options in the marketplace.

moral dilemmaMoral Dilemma: Would You Kill One Person to Save Five?

Imagine a runaway boxcar heading toward five people who can’t escape its path. Now imagine you had the power to reroute the boxcar onto different tracks with only one person along that route.

Would you do it?

Herbicide Spurs Reproductive Problems in Many Animals

An international team of researchers has reviewed the evidence linking exposure to atrazine – an herbicide widely used in the U.S. and more than 60 other nations – to reproductive problems in animals. The team found consistent patterns of reproductive dysfunction in amphibians, fish, reptiles and mammals exposed to the chemical.

Vultures brink of extinctionVultures Dying at an Alarming Rate

Vultures in South Asia were on the brink of extinction until Lindsay Oaks and Richard Watson, from The Peregrine Fund in the US, undertook observational and forensic studies to find out why the number of birds was falling so rapidly. They discovered the vultures were being poisoned by residues of an anti-inflammatory drug (diclofenac) used in cattle and other livestock, whose carcasses they feed on.

outdoor air pollutionOver 2 Million People Die Each Year from Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

WHO estimates more than 2 million people die every year from breathing in tiny particles present in indoor and outdoor air pollution.

autism and the environmentMore Evidence Pointing to Environmental Factors and Autism

Neurons in the prefrontal cortex of individuals with autism show changes at numerous sites across the genome, according to a study being published Online First by the Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.
Watching the Birth of an IcebergWatching the Birth of an Iceberg

NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge, the largest airborne survey of Earth’s polar ice ever flown, is in the midst of its third field campaign from Punta Arenas, Chile. The six-year mission will yield an unprecedented three-dimensional view of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, ice shelves and sea ice.


biofuel cropsInnovative biofuel crops grown in the desert

Fears of global warming and its impact on our environment have left scientists scrambling to decrease levels of atmospheric carbon we humans produce. Now, Tel Aviv University researchers are doing their part to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint by successfully growing forests in the most unlikely place — deep in Israel’s Aravah Desert..

Mercury on the Rise in Endangered Pacific Seabirds

black-footed albatross  and mercuryUsing 120 years of feathers from natural history museums in the United States, Harvard University researchers have been able to track increases in the neurotoxin methylmercury in the black-footed albatross (Phoebastria nigripes), an endangered seabird that forages extensively throughout the Pacific.

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Fast-Recharge Lithium-Ion Batteries Could be Perfect for Electric Cars

rechargable lithium ion battery for electric carsThe next-generation battery, like next-generation TV, may be 3-D, scientists reported recently at the 241st National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).


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U.S. Troops Exposed to Polluted Air in Iraq

Military personnel and contractors stationed in Iraq risk not only enemy U.S. Troops, Military personnel, Iraq, dust particles, Pollutiongunfire, suicide bombers, and roadside bombs, but the very air they breathe often is polluted with dust and other particles of a size and composition that could pose immediate and long-term health threats, scientists reported today at the 241st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

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Physicists Detect Low Levels of Radioactivity from Japan in Seattle

Japanese nuclear reactorsUniversity of Washington physicists are detecting radioactivity from Japanese nuclear reactors that have been in crisis since a mammoth March 11 earthquake, but the levels are far below what would pose a threat to human health.

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Pollution In Our Melting Snow

pollution in our melting snowWith birds chirping and temperatures warming , spring is finally in the air. But for University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) environmental chemist Torsten Meyer, springtime has a dark side.


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“Green” Cars Could be Made from Pineapples and Bananas

green cars made from bananas and pineapplesYour next new car hopefully won’t be a lemon. But it could be a pineapple or a banana. That’s because scientists in Brazil have developed a more effective way to use fibers from these and other plants in a new generation of automotive plastics that are stronger, lighter, and more eco-friendly than plastics now in use.

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Uncertain Future for Joshua Trees Due to Climate Change

Temperature increases resulting from climate change in the Southwest will likely eliminate Joshua trees from 90 percent of their current range in 60 to 90 years, according to a new study led by U.S. Geological Survey ecologist Ken Cole.

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The Foundations of Empathy are Found in the Chicken

The foundations of empathy are found in the chickenA study has gained new insight into the minds of domestic hens, discovering, for the first time, that domestic hens show a clear physiological and behavioral response when their chicks are mildly distressed.

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The Oldest Bird in the Northern Hemisphere Raises a Chick

laysan albatrossA Laysan albatross named Wisdom, is at least 60 years old and was spotted in February 2011 raising a chick at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific Islands.

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Rapid poleward range expansion of tropical reef corals in response to rising sea surface temperatures

tropical reef corals and climate changeRising temperatures caused by climatic warming may cause poleward range shifts and/or expansions in species distribution. Tropical reef corals (hereafter corals) are some of the world’s most important species, being not only primary producers, but also habitat-forming species, and thus fundamental ecosystem modification is expected according to changes in their distribution.

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Birds in Chernobyl Area Have Smaller Brains

Birds living near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident have on average 5 percent smaller brains,

Birds living near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident have on average 5 percent smaller brains, according to research led by a University of South Carolina scientist.

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