Addiction: Chaos in Vancouver

The producers of this short film are both recovering addicts who have both spent time living and indulging with drug addiction in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Today they are both clean and sober with multiple years of recovery. The reasons for the making of this film are many, one being educational the other sharing with those who have suffered.

This is a view of what life can be like in addiction and how extreme addiction can be. The video was shot entirely in the downtown Eastside it is a compilation of two years work with a variety of themes. We hope that by watching this work people will get a better understanding from a real perspective of what can happen to anyone who may slip through the cracks of society and end up with a drug problem.

Some of the material may seem to be offensive or extreme but our experience has taught us that you cannot sugar coat a disease. If our work will deter any single individual from this horrendous lifestyle we feel our goal has been accomplished.  At this time I’d like to point out that we have had no formal training in video photo editing producing or directing, this project ran both on emotion and desire to carry a message from our perspective.

S. Heaney  R. Mc laughlin *


VANCOUVER / ADDICTION / HOMELESS / CHAOS / POVERTY from phat pooch productions on Vimeo.

Drug Wars

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